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Nov. 4th, 2012 03:46 pm
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a. Ylva is not interested in boys (instead she likes to fantasize about raiding and things like that) but word of God says that if anyone, she is thinking about Ale (as a comment in Ale's character description to show that his rather intense interest in her is not onesided). We also know, however, that marriage is primarely an economical thing for her - the first time when she thinks about it is after her father and brother vanished and she remains the only person to tend the farm which means that they need more helping hands. It is also mentioned that she is married with children when she is 26, so ten years in the future form her pull point.
b. At this point, I headcanon Ylva as probably bi/pansexual though desinterested, but since she has never really come in contact with other concepts than heterosexuality (and heterosexuality promises practical advantages), she considers that the only option.
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Journal: (if you have no personal journal, put a non-personal one that belongs only to you)

Contact information: (mail, aim, plurk; if not applicable, please make sure that everyone can send you PMs)
Previous and current characters: (please somehow make clear which is which)


Canon: (name of your canon, if it exists in multiple media, please specify which one in a way that even someone not familiar with the canon can tell which you mean – for example: Game of Thrones (TV series) vs Song of Ice and Fire (book series))
Canon information: (canon history/profile/wiki page – please make this a link, even if it is your own write-up)

Name: (full name, western order, all possible names – don't worry about spoilers)
Age in canon: (please remember that your character has to be 14 or older in canon to be appable. That does of course only go for humans, which also means: Unless the character is of a species that is aging like humans and 14+, there should be an explanation regarding the other age/aging here. (For example explanations would be needed for: Czes from Baccano! (immortal in a preteen body), Kes from Star Trek Voyager (her species only gets two years old), Night Tenjo from Zettai Kareshi (android that is less than a year old), Hobbits (that age at half the rate of a human), etc)
Sex and Gender: (here is a handy definition of the difference, or if you like it less clinical here is another)
Orientation: (PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS SECTION PUBLIC by posting it to your journal etc. It is only there for you to sit down and think about it for a moment, and for the mods to know that you have spent a moment thinking about it.
This section should reflect you having taken into consideration the following points:
- Characters that don't show romantic/sexual inclination either way in canon do not show any inclination either way. Not everyone whose sexuality you don't know is heterosexual by default, nor are they homosexual by default.
- Things to not define someone's orientation by: What gender/sex the character typically hangs out with; what gender/sex the character's best friend/close relative/mentor/partner in crime/student/etc are; the character having close friends or family of the orientation in question and not scorning or rejecting them for it.
- Bi/Pansexuality exists.
- Asexuality exists and does not equal “being too young/ not having had a chance yet”. It is not the same as being aromantic.
- One action or experience doesn't equal orientation. Just because someone kissed a woman once doesn't mean that they're only into women, or even into women in general.
- Word of God exists, too.
- Orientation can be fluid and change during the course of the game.

Generally, we want to know in this piece a. if there are any indicators in canon regarding the character's orientation and b. what your character will start out with, with either a reason or “there is nothing said in canon so I choose this” tacked on to it.)
Powers in canon: (can be a link)

Age in game: (must be 18 or over)
Sex and my character in game: (this section should answer:
- is my character emotionally and psychiologically mature enough for sex and why? (this is mandatory <i>for all</i>, though under higher scrutiny for canon-minors)
- what kind of experiences have they made with it? Good, bad, neutral? Have they had sex/sexual experiences themselves or noticed/watched others do it? (Please be vague about whom they have had experiences with when it comes to other canon characters and don't name names, unless you have the other mun's permission.)
- what is their cultural/social background regarding sex? Are they from a place that is open about it or not; what are that place's ideas about who is allowed to have sex with whom and how they should do it and how often; is it allowed to be recreational or reproduction only in their society - and how does the character reflect about those things?
- If your character is already in a higher year: What is their response to the situation in the game? How are they handling having to have sex regularly? [Please see the section on this in the FAQ])

Personality: [word minimum for: canon characters; gender/sexswaps; ocs] (Who is your character? What do they act like? What motivates them, what goals do they have, what are they like? What is it that makes them who they are? Strengths, weaknesses, goals, specific traits, passions, motivations and other similar things can all go in this section. this section should also include what is different from the canon version and why.

AU concept/history: (this is where you tell us about your character's life in the game. Where are they from? What were their circumstances before developing their powers/ before coming to the school/what are they now? What are and were they? Who are they? What do they do? How do they relate to the place itself? Be thorough. What we're looking for is not necessarily a novel about your character's life story , but several paragraphs of solid information about their history and current circumstances. If you'd like to mention an important individual in the process of detailing the character's past, you should be vague with details and avoid mentioning them by name unless they're a character that's currently in play (by writing a character that is currently in game into your history, you declare that you have worked out the shared history together with them and have their approval.)


Powers in game: (please refer to <a href=”linktofaqhere”>this guide</a> about this. This section should include all powers that the character has at this point, or their primary power if they are a freshman)


(This is the part where you need to convince us of the following facts: that you can write well and keep doing so even through several paragraphs; that you have a good grasp on your character's voice; and that you can write your character in a way that's consistent with the personality description you wrote above.)


Prose sample: [word minimum] (must be set in the AU. In the prose sample, we're especially looking for your grasp on the thought process of the character aka introspection, as well as for your ability to write action.)


Interview questions: (please pick three of the questions below. There is no word minimum here as some characters are wordier than others, but make sure to pick questions where you can write multiple words. In the character's answers, we are not necessarily looking for honest facts – if your character would be lying about something, they should lie. The important thing here is that you give us an idea of how they talk, react and interact.)






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